CrystalMar was founded in 2012 in Drama with a new page in the history of marble as their vision. At CrystalMar we have been processing and marketing marble with knowledge, quality and experience for over 30 years since the establishment of the "factory and quarry maramarokopi" in the area of ​​Volakas, together with our well-trained and specialized staff and our modern equipment. position to realize every need of our customer with absolute success Always paying attention to detail in every type of marble processing, from volumes and tiles to cut-to-size dimensions and mosaic with a wide range of products such as Volakas, Sivec (R), Thassos, Kyknos, Nestos, Venus, Polaris, etc. which sets us apart and makes us one of the fastest growing companies in the marble industry.


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  • Sivec®

    Luxurious, fine-grained white dolomite marble, originating from Northern Macedonia. The main feature for its sorting is the limestone crystals and the homogeneous whiteness of the marble, […]
  • Thassos

    White, medium-grained, marble crystal dolomite. One of the most famous white marbles in the world thanks to its whiteness but also the greater light reflection it […]
  • Prinos

    White, medium-grained, marble crystalline dolomite is mined from the island of Thassos, with a hard white background with distinctive gray crystalline veins. Due to its hardness […]
  • Volakas

    Volakas, also known as “Carrara of Greece” the marble of Volakas which has taken its name from the village in which it is mined on the […]
  • Ariston

    Fine-grained, dolomite marble with fine, linear or corrugated, diagonal gray-beige waters and occasionally with fine gray-red crystalline nerves or round calcium crystals. It is suitable for […]
  • Nestos

    They are especially known for their whiteness and durability. A special feature of Nestos marble is its clarity and transparency and justifiably makes it unique in […]
  • Polaris

    One of the most white marbles on the market, has strong diagonal lines in shades of dark gray. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Kyknos

    Kyknos, a dolomite marble that stands out for its white color. On its surface there are thin red lines and spots in shades of gray. Suitable […]


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