Market demands, healthy competition and our goal of continuous development led us to a rapid growth of our business. So today, only 8 years after the establishment of Crystalmar we can and have in our possession a large fleet of machinery and human resources and we can fulfill every wish of our customers

1 straight-cut wire shaping machine
1 gang saw of 80 diamond blades
1 gang saw of 40 diamond blades
1 polishing machine for slabs – fully automatic
1 polishing machine for tiles
1 split machine
1 Resin line
1 cnc bridge saw 5 axis
1 bridge saw
1 Wire Cutter

• Slab contraction joints with automatic loading and unloading robots • Tile finishing line with resins and / or net and Catalyst • Tile production and standardization line • Slab contraction joints should intersect at the openings for columns • Volume cutting-square wire • Vertical and horizontal cutting machine with large diameter disc • Frame trimmer • Internal and external electric loading-unloading cranes • Vehicles for transporting raw materials and processed goods

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