• Polaris

    One of the most white marbles on the market, has strong diagonal lines in shades of dark gray. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Nestos

    They are especially known for their whiteness and durability. A special feature of Nestos marble is its clarity and transparency and justifiably makes it unique in […]
  • Ariston

    Fine-grained, dolomite marble with fine, linear or corrugated, diagonal gray-beige waters and occasionally with fine gray-red crystalline nerves or round calcium crystals. It is suitable for […]
  • Volakas

    Volakas, also known as “Carrara of Greece” the marble of Volakas which has taken its name from the village in which it is mined on the […]
  • Prinos

    White, medium-grained, marble crystalline dolomite is mined from the island of Thassos, with a hard white background with distinctive gray crystalline veins. Due to its hardness […]
  • Thassos

    White, medium-grained, marble crystal dolomite. One of the most famous white marbles in the world thanks to its whiteness but also the greater light reflection it […]
  • Kyknos

    Kyknos, a dolomite marble that stands out for its white color. On its surface there are thin red lines and spots in shades of gray. Suitable […]
  • Sivec®

    Luxurious, fine-grained white dolomite marble, originating from Northern Macedonia. The main feature for its sorting is the limestone crystals and the homogeneous whiteness of the marble, […]